People & fish need clean water.
        Ann Morrill
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Major Accomplishments 2007-2008
Awards: The Eastern RI Conservation District honored the Bristol County Water Company (BCWC) and the Kickemuit River Council with their "2007 Conservation Project of the Year Award" for the successful completion of the Kickemuit Fish Ladder. Pasquale DeLise, BCWC's Executive Director, Ian Morrison of BCWC's Board of Directorsand Ann Morrill, KRC 1st VP accepted the award from Tom Sandham, ERICD's District Manager at their Nov., 13, 2007 Annual Dinner at the Newport Vineyard. This was the first fish ladder project supported by NRCS in RI. Also in attendace from the KRC were Steven Roth, KRC President & his wife Mickey Roth, George Ogley, KRC 2nd VP, Jane Harrison KRC Board Member, Ken Morrill, & Sharon Pavignano, Rhode Island Rivers Council Chairperson. Mike Kenyon, Eastern RI Conservationist, showed slides of the fish ladder. RIRC, the BCWC, & the KRC also held a well attended public information session at the Water Company in Warren on the fish ladder.
Clean-ups: On Saturday, April, 26, 2008 at 9:00 a.m., KRC will join clean-up efforts by the Warren Conservation Commission in Warren along the shores of the Kickemuit River.
Do come to the Peter Sepe Pavillion on Hugh Cole Rd., Warren, RI 02885 for sign in, bags, assignments, Dunkin Donuts coffees & donuts. Wear appropriate clothing. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Receive a special t-shirt for helping & a "Thank you!" hot dog roast at 12:00 noon.
In the Fall of 2008, they also participated in the Audubon Society's clean-up for the Kickemuit River led by Chairperson Robin Aguiar. KRC gave the young people a certificate of completion for participating in the April clean-up.
Training: KRC attended the RI Rivers Council’s meetings, workshops, and seminars, reporting information back to the watershed council members. KRC attended DEM's seminar in Portsmouth Town Hall on the new septic system regulations. KRC shared the brochure and quahog magnet which was developed by Warren Sewer Commission, Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District, DEM, Save the Bay, & KRC with the Postsmouth Town Manager & asked DEM to help them update it with the new regulations. This is in progress.
KRC members participated in Phase 4 of Laurel Park Improvement Association's Invasive Plant Project by helping remove invasive plants and weeding to encourage native species planted last year. David Shears, with Warren Boy Scout Troop 25, conducted his Eagle Project by helping remove invasive plants at Laurel Lane on the Kickemuit River.
Education and Outreach: KRC brought the "Caring for Your Septic System" brochure to a local realtor along with the quahog magnets with suggestions to help your septic system. They gave permission for it to be copied by the realtor. The Warren Sewer Commission, KRC, Eastern RI Conservation District, DEM, and Save the Bay all helped develop the brochure. KRC also shared it with the Town of Portsmouth.
Advocacy: KRC continues to oppose LNG siting in Fall River. KRC analyzed the facts, wrote a testimony, and presented it to RIDEM, the US Coast Guard, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The over 700 signatures that KRC collected in opposition to the proposed dredging for the LNG terminal were mailed along with an analysis to RI's Congressional Delegation , to Massachusetts' Congressional Delegation & to every Massachusetts State Congressman. RI DEM opposes the dredging of Mt. Hope Bay for this LNG project. KRC attends meetings on this matter and presents testimony.
KRC is supporting the Coastal Resources Management Council in their decision on a praticular dock on the Kickemuit River. KRC applauds CRMC for their prop dredging regulations.
KRC participated in the Taunton River Watershed Alliance Festival in September, 2007, in Fall River. Joseph Arruda, KRC Treasurer, explained the KRC to participants.
KRC supported the EPA in their permitting of Brayton Point. KRC had written an Amicus Brief & Jeanne McCabe and Daniel Morrill presented it in 2004 to the EAB Board in Washington, DC. EAB made a favorable decision for the EPA. Dominion Energy appealed it to the 4th District Court in Virginia in 2007. KRC wrote another Amicus Brief & submitted it to 4th District Court in Virginia. KRC attended a meeting in Boston on Oct. 11, 2007, with Dominion, the EPA, RI DEM. MA DEP, RI Attorney General, MA Attorney General, Save the Bay, the Conservation Law Foundation , & the Taunton River Watershed Alliance. KRC pointed out how the warm water discharges and CHEMICALS from Brayton Point were hurting Mt. Hope Bay, the Kickemuit River, & Narragansett Bay all the way past Narragansett, RI,--plus, the crustaceans in our waters. Dominion decided in December, 2007, to follow the EPA permit. KRC thanks the Warren Times & Bristol Phoenix for their analyses & help on this matter.
The KRC is very concerned about the proposal by Brayton Point Power Plant to have a coal gasification system. The burning of building materials containing unknown substances could poorly affect the air quality in the EastBay and then these substances could settle out in the water column.
After analysis of RI DEM's TMDL's results on the storm drains to the Kickemuit River & in Mt. Hope Bay which affect the water quality of the Kickemuit, KRC advocates for upgrades to the Warren Patterson Avenue Sewage Pumping Station & the Bristol Pumping Station at Annawanscutt Drive on Mt. Hope Bay. KRC has also developed the Kickemuit Storm Drain Fecal Pollution Analysis Pollution Investigation--Phase 1 to address the DEM's TMDL identification of a pollution problem at Parker Ave., Libby Lane, Barker Ave., & possible Patterson Ave. These drains also service Metacom Avenue which is included the the investigation. KRC has written grants to match DEM's 50/50 grant to help with this. The Warren Sewer Commission, the Warren Town Council, the Rhode Island Rivers Council, the General Assembly, & the New England Grassroots Environment Fund, & the Warren Public Works Department are all helping to try to solve this water quality problem. RI DOT is also helping with this problem. Solution of this water quality problem would help with the future use of public lands in the upper Kickemuit River for a picnic spot, a public beach, a kayak launch, a fish overlook, & bike path. People & fish need clean water.